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Conservatorship services by Arizona Fiduciary in Phoenix

Licensed Phoenix Fiduciary serves as conservator under court appointment in Scottsdale, Fountain Hills, Paradise Valley, Mesa, Chandler, Gilbert, Tempe, Sun City, Glendale, Peoria, Surprise, and all Phoenix metro areas

Compassionate Conservatorship by Private Phoenix Fiduciary

Phoenix Conservator- licensed fiduciary in ScottsdaleIf you are looking for a caring conservator for a family member or friend, please call us to discuss your needs and how we could be of service.

If a person becomes temporarily or permanently unable to manage their finances or property, someone trusted and qualified needs to step in to assure that everyday financial matters are handled in a timely manner, such as:

          • Rent or mortgage is paid
          • Pension income is deposited
          • Utility bills are paid
          • Insurance policies are up to date and paid on time
          • Medical bills are paid
          • Accounts at brokerages and financial institutions are monitored
          • Tax returns are filed and taxes are paid
          • Legal transactions are properly executed

If the person is already under the supervision of the probate court, the management of financial affairs will most likely be assigned to a conservator. Before the court will appoint a conservator, incapacity of the person in questions must first be established through medical testimony and the court investigator. Only after the court has confirmed that a person is unable to handle financial matters, will a conservator be appointed.

The conservator may be a lay person, such as a relative or close friend or a professional fiduciary. Ideally, a close family member or trusted friend will be available. If they are not, for example if they have their own health issues, or live too far away, the court will appoint a private fiduciary as conservator. The state of Arizona requires a professional fiduciary to be licensed through the Arizona Supreme Court.

The conservator will manage the assets of a protected person (also referred to as "ward") under court supervision. By law the conservator must always act in the best interest of the ward. The conservator must report to the court at least once each year, identifying and accounting for all assets of the protected person, and account for all receipts and disbursements.

Here are some of the responsibilities of the conservator, in addition to handling day-to-day financial matters:

    • Manage income, expenses and financial assets
    • Provide record keeping and accounting services
    • Coordinate team of professional advisors (if applicable)
    • Assure that the appropriate state and federal tax returns are prepared and filed timely
    • Organize and handle final arrangements
    • Provide periodic accounting and report on ward's status to the supervising court

If you have a family member who is unable to take care of himself or herself, and you are not available to serve as conservator, you may ask the court to appoint a fiduciary of your choice. Please call to discuss your situation and how we could be of service.

Our caring staff will serve and protect your loved one. From our experience we know the concerns when the well being of a vulnerable family member or friend is in the hands of someone they don't know. Every client of ours receives the attention and conscientious service we would provide to our own parents, spouse, or children. We try to alleviate any concerns with prompt responses to any inquires and through frequent communication with all interested parties to keep them fully informed of the ward's status.

Fiduciary services in the Phoenix area are provided by Kurt Tittelbach, Arizona licensed fiduciary #20641.

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