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What is a Fiduciary?

A fiduciary is someone who accepts responsibility for taking care of the personal or financial needs of another person. The fiduciary serves in a role of trust. Trust is absolutely essential when the person served is incapacitated or otherwise vulnerable to abuse or exploitation.

A private fiduciary is a non-related person who serves for a fee and who is governed by state law. The probate court may appoint a private fiduciary to serve as conservator or guardian to protect a vulnerable person from abuse or to preserve and protect an estate from exploitation. The court also appoints private fiduciaries to act as Personal Representative or Successor Trustee in probate matters. A court appointed fiduciary may be required to post a bond and report annually to the court about the administration of the client's affairs. In such cases, fees charged by the fiduciary are subject to the court's approval.

You may engage a private fiduciary directly, for example when family members live out of state, don't have the time, or have disagreements. In such situations we have assisted families as Trustee, Successor Trustee, Conservator, and Personal Representative.

When you engage an Arizona-licensed fiduciary, you are assured the fiduciary has met educational requirements, has professional experience, was fingerprinted, and passed a licensing test and a thorough criminal and financial background check. As required by Arizona law, every Arizona licensed fiduciary must be bonded and attend continuing education courses to maintain their license.

Kurt Tittelbach, our founder and principal fiduciary (license #20641), is passionate about protecting the elderly from abuse and exploitation and preserving seniors' estates so they will be available for the sunset years of life. Mr. Tittelbach is certified in Arizona to serve under court appointment. He is a member in good standing of the National Guardianship Association, whose Code of Ethics is recognized as an industry standard throughout the United States.

Please call if you need help or have questions. Mr. Tittelbach will be happy to talk about your situation and if we can be of service. He will gladly provide direction or recommend other professionals when we cannot be of assistance.

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