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Trust Administration by Experienced Private Fiduciary

Trustee or Successor Trust administration by private licensed Fiduciary
Are you looking for a licensed fiduciary to serve as trustee or successor trustee for yourself, a family member or friend?

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Our trust management is tailored to each client's individual needs. Due to lower overhead we can accept smaller trusts, which are frequently rejected by banks. Our clients have an additional advantage over institutional trustees like banks because we get to know our clients and their families on a personal basis,

Kurt A. Tittelbach, our principal fiduciary (Arizona licensed fiduciary #20641), is an experienced trustee who genuinely cares about his clients. Mr. Tittelbach works with his clients as if they were family. He has years of experience in handling large and complex trusts, including management of real property and trust-owned businesses. He will serve competently as your trustee or successor trustee on a variety of trusts, i.e. revocable trusts, irrevocable trusts, testamentary trusts, etc.

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Are you in the planning stages for a trust?

There are many reasons for creating a trust, such as reducing or eliminating estate taxes, avoiding the cost and delays of probate, or to make the management and/or distribution of your assets easier during illness or after your passing.

During the set up phase of a trust, one of the challenges for most is the question: "Who should be my successor trustee?" The successor trustee will be called upon when an original trustee resigns or is unable to fulfill trustee obligations. The successor trustee is a critically important element of any trust. In Family Trusts, individuals usually name themselves and/or a spouse as trustee and successor. Once the original trustees are either deceased or no longer able to act as trustee, the successor will be asked to continue management of the trust.

The successor trustee will be guided in the trust administration by the language in the trust document. It provides instructions on how trust assets are to be managed for the continuing benefit of someone, or when and how they are to be distributed. The experience of a professional fiduciary can make a huge difference in the successful administration of a trust. Well-supported decisions by an experienced trustee, based on proper interpretation of the trust document and the law, together with timely actions, regular communications with beneficiaries and total transparency in all of the trustee's actions will go a long way toward a smooth, low-cost trust administration.

It is extremely important to select a successor trustee who has the professional and educational background and skills to manage your trust. In addition. your successor trustee should be very familiar with your wishes and desires and your reasons for setting up a trust. To make sure your intentions are known and well understood, regular communications with the successor trustee (or trustees) should be maintained. The successor should be informed of changes in your family situation, changes in plans for your legacy or your life circumstances in general.

If you are planning to establish a trust, we cannot give any legal advice. Please contact an attorney specializing in trust and estate planning. If you don't have an attorney, we can refer you to some trusted professionals in the field.

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